fluid coupling

fluid coupling

Large temperature Viton™ oil seals
Welded construction to eradicate leaks on dimension seven., nine.four and twelve.4
fluid coupling
Item Functions
All aluminum housing and impeller for minimal rotating inertia
Decreases energy consumption
Vast assortment of mounting choices
Regular equipment coupling utilised for shaft to shaft coupling
Fluid coupling with created-in QD hub for sheave mounting on the electrical motor shaft

Fluid couplings appear normal with:

These are obtainable for electric powered motors from ½ HP to 50HP that operate at speeds as minimal as five hundred RPM and as large as 3600 RPM. During begin-up the fluid coupling will minimize the present draw on your electric motor by 33%.

Fluid Couplings | Wichita Clutch
Soft Begin and/or In excess of Load Protection
Recognized in the past as Simplatrol, Formsprag or Mesur-Fil, the smaller sized dimensions seven., 9.4 and the 12.4 dimension fluid couplings are made in China.

fluid coupling


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