telescoping jack screw

Telescoping Jack Screw

Telescoping Jack Screw

A telescoping jack screw is a mechanical device that is mainly used to lift heavy loads vertically or horizontally. It is a type of jack that consists of a screw that is driven either manually or by a motor and it moves a load-bearing platform up or down along the screw’s length.

What is a screw jack used for?

  • Heavy-duty lifting – Screw jacks are used for lifting and supporting heavy loads in various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation. They are an ideal solution when hydraulic or pneumatic jacks are not practical or suitable.
  • Positioning – Screw jacks are used to precisely position loads in a variety of applications, including assembly lines, stage equipment, and material handling systems.
  • Stabilization – Screw jacks are used for stabilizing structures such as bridges, buildings, and cranes, to prevent movement caused by wind or other external forces.
  • Adjustment – Screw jacks are used for adjusting the height or level of machinery, equipment, and vehicles.
  • Testing – Screw jacks are used for testing the strength and durability of various products and materials.

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What is the working principle of screw jack?

The working principle of a screw jack is based on the mechanical advantage of a screw thread. When a force is applied to the handle or motor, it rotates the screw, and the load-bearing platform moves up or down along the screw’s length. The pitch of the screw thread determines the amount of force required to lift the load. The greater the pitch, the less force is required, but the distance the load travels is also reduced. Conversely, the smaller the pitch, the more force is required, but the distance the load travels is greater.

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What is the difference between a screw jack and a hydraulic jack?

A screw jack is a mechanical device that uses a screw thread to lift heavy loads, while a hydraulic jack uses a liquid, usually oil, to lift heavy loads. Screw jacks are often preferred over hydraulic jacks in situations where the hydraulic fluid can leak or freeze, and where the load needs to be held in position for a long time without moving. Screw jacks are also more precise and have a longer lifespan than hydraulic jacks.

How to choose or customize the appropriate screw jack?

  • Load Capacity – Consider the weight of the load that the screw jack will be lifting, and choose a jack with a load capacity that is suitable for the application.
  • Lifting Height – Determine the maximum height that the load needs to be lifted and choose a jack with a lifting height that meets the requirements.
  • Operating Speed – Determine how quickly the load needs to be lifted and choose a jack with an operating speed that is appropriate for the application.
  • Environmental Conditions – Consider the environment in which the screw jack will be used, such as temperature, humidity, and exposure to corrosive or explosive materials, and choose a jack with appropriate protective measures.
  • Mounting Configuration – Consider the mounting configuration of the screw jack, such as vertical, horizontal, or inverted, and choose a jack with a mounting configuration that is suitable for the application.

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About HZPT Screw Jack

As a leading manufacturer of industrial motors, gearboxes, and drives, HZPT has been committed to leading technological innovation and achieving excellent quality. Our screw jack products are widely used in various industrial production lines, such as transportation machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, office equipment, and instrumentation. Our main products include micro gearbox motors, medium-sized gearbox motors, brake speed regulating motors, torque motors, DC motors, NMRV worm gear motors, bevel gear cone gear motors, WPRV series worm gear reducers, rigid tooth surface helical gear reducers, helical gear worm gear reducers, parallel shaft helical gear reducers, helical bevel gear reducers, worm gear screw lifts, rigid tooth surface gear reducers, and planetary gear reducers.

Our screw jack products have the following advantages:

  • High load capacity
  • Precise positioning
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Durable and reliable
  • Customizable to meet specific requirements

At HZPT, we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and excellent service. Contact us today to learn more about how our screw jacks can help you lift and position heavy loads with ease and precision.


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