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PM motors have high full-load efficiency and they are lighter, but the flux-weakening region is only 2 times the high torque area. PM motors generally need higher currents to make them adaptable for this application having a wide constant horse power region. Therefore, the inverter should be larger, and cost and packaging become larger issues. Surface-installed and axial field PM machines also have excessive iron losses at high speeds, and their part-load effectiveness at high speeds is leaner. The axial field devices with arigap windings have suprisingly low armature reactance and are not suitable for traction drives. They are best for applications having little or no constant hp region of operation.

PM synchronous reluctance motors with poor long term magnets that depend on high reluctance torque offer wider CHP range but exhibit bigger torque electric motor base china pulsations that are harmful to the procedure of the drive system. Thus, internal PM motors seem to be the best option of all the PM machines. In general, PM machines are better suited to multispeed gear boxes comparable to auto transmissions, while induction motors can be operated with a single speed reducer.
Some of these motors are ideal for variable-swiftness traction drive, and some need to be modified to suit certain requirements. For example, for a wide constant horsepower (CHP) region of procedure, the induction engine is ideal, nonetheless it weighs more and has a lower full-load efficiency than other alternatives. The switched reluctance motor has a similar ability, but suffers some high torque pulsations and sound. Induction motors lend themselves to flux weakening easier than long term magnet motors, however they are less effective than PM motors for full-load operation. For induction motor drives, the maximum voltage point can coincide with the base speed, giving the utmost torque per ampere. For inner PM motors,
The motor bases are a 2 in 1 system. It really is a motor support and with a selftensioning system. At all times keeps the ideal belt tension resulting in a constant transmission of the nominal torque. Leading to an extended belt and pulley life and energy saving.
With all the motor base, problems such as the compensation of lengthening because of age and belt slip are no longer a concern in your machine design – you can merely your investment periodical re-tensioning maintenance! engine bases can install motors up to 550kW equal to 750PS.

Safe money, improve your productivity due to less maintenance interrupts and boost your profit.
The motor (50) has an axial blower (170) with a blower guard (35) comprising two axial blower guard sections, where one of the guard sections comprises a continually curved circumferential surface. One of the axial blower safeguard sections surrounds a blower wheel with a drive and various other axial blower guard section is definitely imposed on a housing (52) of the engine in a partially overlapped manner. A blower connection container (39) is definitely fastened to the blower guard, in which a front surface, a retainer for blower engine and a blower connection container base are integrally produced and set at the guard.
The electric motor of the Y2 series are the renewal of the products of the series electric motors. They have a number of improvements compared to the Y series in protection grade, locked-rotor torque and contour design etc. They appear to advanced word standards of the early 1990s.

The Y2 series electric engine are the three-phase asynchronous electric motors with fully-enclosed, self cooled, and squirrel cage type. The power grade and the installation dimension are up to the IEC regular and the DIN42673 standard completely. The insulation quality is F. The external covering protection grade is IP54. The way of cooling is definitely ICO141.
Y series motors are widely used in many places, where there doesn’t exist combustible, explosive or corrosive gas, and without any unique requirements, such as machine tools, pumps, fans, transportation machinery, mixer, agriculture machinery and food machines, etc.
The rated voltage of the Y2 series electric motors is 380V. The rated frequency is 50Hz. Just how of function is S1 continuous function system. The terminal package is at the very best of the electric engine. It could move at intervals of ninety degrees. It can issue wires from the any direction of the front, the back, the left and the right. The contour dimension and the terminal package at the top will vary from the Y series.
power is utilized as the energy supply, and a long lasting magnet DC electric motor can be used as the driving power source. After supplying power, the DC electric motor rotates, and the electric motor worm and the turbine perform deceleration, and a nut is certainly fixed on the inner tube. After the screw rod rotates, the nut advancements and retreats on the screw rod,then your inner tube advancements and retreats.By switching the negative and positive poles of DC, the motor will rotate forward or reverse, to ensure that the internal tube is ahead or backward. By changing the pitch of the screw and the nut, the huge thrust and rate of the press rod can be changed to push the electric sofa to recognize complicated actions.so the motor and the worm should have high quality,small volume and huge torque,and in order to satisfy high bearing capacity,the engine and the worm should be reliable,nevertheless,our gear engine from ZHAOWEI fulfills these features.meanwhile,a number of gear motor could be customized according to customer requirements, including R & D design, production, examining, assembly, etc.
– Discover the advantages of being active through the workday with the Electric Height-Adjustable Standing Desk at home or at work.
– Upgrade with a desk that encourages a healthy life-style and by reducing the unhealthy sedentary behavior.
– With a straightforward press of the buttons, dual electric motors smoothly and quietly adapt the height from at the least 28 ins to a maximum height of 46.8 inches.
– Solid steel structure throughout provides desk stability and durability through repeated uses.
– Conserve to 4 height settings on the memory buttons and adjust to the perfect height throughout the day with the elevation controller. An LED display.
Lets you know how high the desk is as it rises – and descends.
– Assembly is definitely easy and can be done in a few minutes with the included tools. Utilize it as a house desk alternative, or as an instant upgrade to office spaces for large and smaller businesses.
This small gear motor is made to be small size,low noise,easy installation.The mini 12v dc gear electric motor is trusted for vending machine,automatic microwave oven,ATM machine,financial institution equipment,BBQ oven and other house appliance.
1) Low noise.
2) Small body.
3) Powder metal gear inside.
4) Top quality zinc alloy gear box
5) Can be applied for various kinds of small automated equipment.
Product characteristics
1.Suit to the mini 60KTYZ/68KTYZ electric motor since a bracket or holder.
2.Anti-rust Paint Technique: U type and standard type engine bracket, adopting electroplating process, have good anti-rust effect.
3.Fixed motors in a company way, simple to use.
4.Made of high quality mental material, durable and durable used.
1.Synchronous gear motor operates on AC 220V. Low noise and more robust. An excellent motor for
household, hand-made, school task, model and other things you need. Above parameters simply for your reference,we can provide customized service with motor according to your requirements.

2.This product is a claw-pole long lasting magnet synchronous motor with built-in gear reduction mechanism that may control forward and reverse operation. Additionally it is called gear reduction synchronous motor. This engine has features of low power intake, large torque, low noise, light weight and convenient to use.
1.Seiko bearings
Antirust and moistureproof abrasion resistance, high-speed procedure of the machine is still smoothly and quiet

2.High-quality stator and rotor
High quality cold rolled silicon steel sheet,high hardness ,strong power high efficiency and long service life,shaft with high frequency quenching

3.Best quality lacquer surface
Pure top quality paint ,360 degree safety motor ,cast iron barrel, strong and durable.
4.Pure copper core
Pure copper primary/machine winding, solid binding, winding using F-grade oxygen-free copper wire, high temperature resistance, long life, not simple to damage, the ordinary enameled wire is not compared with it.
OTHER STYLES of Intelligent Motor

Model Out put Voltage Frequency QT of capacitance Current Speed weight
Kw Hp
YL90-750R-4P 0.75 1 220v 50HZ 2 5.1A 1400r/min 17kg
YL90-1100R-4P 1.1 1.5 220v 50HZ 2 7.1A 1400r/min 18kg
YL90-1500R-4P 1.5 2 220v 50HZ 2 9.44A 1400r/min 20kg
YL90-1800R-4P 1.8 2.5 220v 50HZ 2 11.3A 1400r/min 23kg

YL90-750R-2P 0.75 1 220v 50HZ 2 5.1A 2800r/min 16kg
YL90-1100R-2P 1.1 1.5 220v 50HZ 2 7.1A 2800r/min 17kg
YL90-1600R-2P 1.6 2 220v 50HZ 2 9.44A 2800r/min 29kg
YL90-1800R-2P 1.8 2.5 220v 50HZ 2 11.3A 2800r/min 21kg
YL90-2200R-2P 2.2 3 220v 50HZ 2 13.6A 2800r/min 22kg

YL100-2300R-2P 2.3 3 220v 50HZ 2 13.9A 2800r/min 26kg
YL100-2600R-2P 2.6 3.5 220v 50HZ 2 15.8A 2800r/min 27kg
YL100-3000R-2P 3 4 220v 50HZ 2 17.2A 2800r/min 28kg
YL100-3500R-2P 3.5 4.8 220v 50HZ 2 19.8A 2800r/min 31kg

YL100-2200R-4P 2.2 3 220v 50HZ 2 13.6A 1400r/min 31kg
YL100-3000R-4P 3 4 220v 50HZ 2 17.2A 1400r/min 33kg


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