Electric brake motor

An electric motor brake (commonly referred to as an electric brake) is a safety feature incorporated into many contemporary power tools, such as for example circular saws, drills, and miter saws. Many producers implement this feature into equipment particularly with a spinning blade or cutter.
Designed with Essential oil Shear Technology, the Posistop and MagnaShear Electric motor Brakes are powerful stopping brakes made to mount on the back of a brakeless brake motor. They are able to survive the harsh conditions of mining, manufacturing, material handling in addition to packaging and food processing with minimal maintenance no adjustment-ever. The totally enclosed rugged housings maintain dirt and moisture out while reducing noise and extracting heat.

The motor installed brakes could be furnished three ways: (1) mounted on a NEMA or IEC frame electric motor, (2) furnished as an assembled brake motor with electric motor and brake assembled, (3) or with a special flange to mount to other flanges such as a gear reducer.
Up to 10 occasions longer life
Minimal Maintenance Cost
No Adjustment – Ever!
Electric, Atmosphere, or Hydraulic Actuation
Dust, Dirt, and Dampness Proof
Washdown and Marine Duty
Standard or Custom Mounting
Spring Set Safety or Pressure Set


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