B Kind Flanges For Use With Bushings

B Style Flange
Model B (bushed) flanges are manufactured from the similar high-strength cast iron since the S flanges
B flanges are made to accommodate the industry typical bushing for easy set up and elimination
B flanges are available in sizes 6 by way of 16
S-Flex couplings with B flanges (for use with bushings) are typically supplied using the two-piece E sleeve
The B type flanges may be made use of with any of the sleeves pictured on SF-5, together with the exception from the Hytrel sleeve
B flanges is usually used in combination with S Kind flanges
Bushings have a split style that enable for any compression fit for secure mounting in the flange for the shaft without the need of set screws
The bushing’s clamp like match produces a one-piece assembly to eradicate wobble, vibration, and fretting corrosion
Slightly oversized or undersized shafts may be accommodated with all the very same safe grip
The design prevents potentially hazardous key drift on applications subject to pulsation or vibration
B flanges are bored to accept a bushing accommodating many bore sizes, so cutting down inventory and escalating coupling versatility
Bushing bore availability is usually uncovered in present list price books or from the Customer service Representative


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