12 v motor

Key Specifications/Unique Features:
24V/11000rpm DC motor (RS-380SH-17110)

1. Product details:
Motor diameter: Ø27.7mm
The engine length and shaft length could be customized

2. Key specifications:
Rated voltage: 12V DC
No load speed: 6900rpm
No load current: 0.18A
On load speed: 5631rpm
On load current: 0.8A
On load torque: 97.92g.cm
Stall torque: 530g.cm
Stall current: 3.54A
All technical data could be customized predicated on our workable evaluation

3. You can expect the below information for our additional evaluation if you have any new demands:
1. Sizes: motor’s diameter, motor size, shaft duration and shaft diameter
2. Specs: rated voltage, speed, current and torque
3. Add-ons demand: the information of eccentric wheel, cables
4. Any other requirements: noise, functioning condition, Auto Chain lifespan and EMC/EMI demand

4.Regular applications for our motors:
Personal care, home appliances, industry, automotive, toys, wise home, medical equipment

5. Production and quality control:
We utilize advanced creation and inspection services from Japan, Germany and the united states
Such as for example Hexagon CMM, Sodick WEDM-LS/HS, Wahli hobbing machines, gear meshing measuring instrument, Magtrol electric motor performance tester
There are 70% motors are almost entirely produced via automated lines


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