shaft mount reducer

Shaft install reducers are enclosed helical gear reducers with a hollow output. They are mounted directly on the input shaft of the driven machine and are backed by the shaft and torque arm set up or motor mount body. This eliminates the need for additional parts to transmit torque from the reducer to the gear. The components of a shaft attach reducer include:

• rotating bushing ring
• TorqTaper® bushing
• torque arm bracket
• torque arm rod and turnbuckle
• foot bracket
• input or high velocity shaft
• an optional backstop

The Browning® shaft attach reducer, also referred to as the Browning SMTP, is a cost-effective method of traveling machinery. The shaft install design eliminates the necessity for support structures that are required in conventional foot mounted reducer assemblies. It also eliminates the need for chain, sprockets, couplings and bedplates. In addition, the look minimizes alignment problems.

The compact design of the shaft mounted reducer helps save space. In addition, it allows the machine to be mounted at 360 degrees around the shaft and by the end of the conveyor. Additionally, the reducer is quite efficient at approximately 98.5% efficiency per reduction stage. Typical industries for the Browning SMTP are aggregate, baggage handling, grain and wastewater treatment.


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