lumber conveyor chain

The cam lifter feed mechanism of this invention comprises an inclined endless chain conveyor carried by an upper framework and a lower framework including a multiplicity of lug-like lumber engaging means mounted at intervals on the endless chains of the conveyor, a driven shaft journaled for roatation in the upper framework including sprockets operatively engaged with endless chains of the conveyor, a plurality of cam lifters mounted on the shaft at opposite terminal sides of the endless chain conveyor including outwardly projecting hook-like foot portions being operable to engage the lowermost terminal edge of lumber carried on the conveyor by the lug-like engaging means and also to carry the lumber over the shaft to a point of discharge, a downwardly inclined discharge feed guide means mounted on the upper framework between cam lifters. The low construction having a pair of opposing hopper developing downwardly willing side framework people being operable to guide lumber toward the endless chain conveyor, means installation the unlimited string conveyor Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps distally close to the lowermost end of the downwardly likely part body member. The hook-like foot portions each possess a leading edge downwardly inclined with respect to the radii of the cam lifter at an angle coincident with the angle of inclination of the limitless chain conveyor, the foot part giving upwardly from the industry leading right into a catch forming portion.


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