CC 600 Chain and Cast Iron Sprocket

Our CC 600 Conveyor chains are manufactured in malleable iron with metal pins, with pins that are CC600 Chain unhardened.

This verified design results in an assembled chain that is highly durable and wear resistant. Designed withing the gas bottling sector (Specifically Liquid Petroleum Gas ) our CC600 series remains a product of initial choice for distributors and end users alike, where a quality product is needed first time, each time.

Our CC600 Chains and Sprockets – Ex-Share from our factory in Hangzhou, CN.

The CC600 chains are intended for use in multistrand conveyors handling individual loads under conditions of slight corrosion. They are often supported in channels and so are highly flexible, enabling fluid motion and flexibility when required. This versatility allows them to be utilized in a variety of heavy duty applications but their primary application is in the bottling market where they are known as on to manage crates and gas bottles.

To satisfy the task of the application environment this chain has been developed with the next features:

Stud ends flush with hyperlink.
Huge rubbing areas best and bottom.
Iron hyperlink, softer than the track and self-lubricating
Corrosion resisting properties.

CC 600 Sprockets.

Our sprockets could be cast or fabricated to your requirements, however unless or else specified:
Bores are machined to H9 Tolerance, BS 4500 Component 1 (ISO R286).
Keyways are metric, possibly tapered or parallel to ;BS 4235 Part 1, 1972 (predicated on ISO/R773 & R774).
Sprockets are keywayed in pairs on center line of the tooth gap with bosses facing, deep end of tapered keyway on boss part.

Single setscrews are positioned over the key way. Any second setscrew is positioned at 90 degrees to the first.

Much like the desk below, we bring the following cast sprockets for CC600 ex stock at our factory in Dudley,

CC600 Cast Iron Sprocket – 8 Tooth
CC600 Cast Iron Sprocket – 10 Tooth
CC600 Cast Iron Sprocket – 12 Tooth
CC600 Cast Iron Sprocket – 14 Tooth

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