screw jack body

screw jack body


A screw jack is a mechanical device that is commonly used in various industries for lifting heavy loads or applying force in a linear motion. It consists of a screw mechanism that converts rotational motion into linear motion, allowing for controlled movement and precise positioning.

What is a screw jack used for?

1. Lifting and lowering heavy loads: Screw jacks are widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, and manufacturing, where heavy loads need to be raised or lowered with precision.

2. Load balancing: Screw jacks can be used to distribute weight evenly, ensuring stability and safety in various applications.

3. Positioning and alignment: Screw jacks provide accurate positioning and alignment in tasks such as adjusting machinery or aligning components.

4. Tensioning and compression: Screw jacks can be used to apply controlled tension or compression in applications like tensioning wires or pressing materials together.

5. Height adjustment: Screw jacks are commonly used for height adjustments in equipment such as workbenches, platforms, and stages.

screw jack

What is the working principle of screw jack?

The working principle of a screw jack is based on the concept of a screw thread. When a force is applied to the handle or motor, the screw rotates, causing the load to move along the screw shaft. This linear motion is achieved due to the helical shape of the screw thread, which converts the rotational force into linear force.

The main components of a screw jack include the screw, the load-bearing nut, and the supporting structure. The screw is threaded through the load-bearing nut, and as it rotates, the nut moves along the screw, resulting in the desired linear movement of the load.

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What is the difference between a screw jack and a hydraulic jack?

1. Operating mechanism: Screw jacks use mechanical force and the principle of a screw thread to lift or lower loads, while hydraulic jacks utilize hydraulic pressure to generate force.

2. Load capacity: Screw jacks are generally capable of handling heavier loads compared to hydraulic jacks.

3. Precision and control: Screw jacks offer more precise control over the movement and positioning of loads, making them suitable for applications that require accuracy.

4. Maintenance and durability: Screw jacks are known for their robust construction and require less maintenance compared to hydraulic jacks.

5. Cost: Screw jacks are generally more cost-effective in terms of initial investment and long-term operation.

How to choose or customize the right screw jack?

1. Load capacity: Consider the maximum weight the screw jack needs to lift or support.

2. Travel length: Determine the required range of linear movement or height adjustment.

3. Speed and efficiency: Evaluate the desired speed and efficiency of the screw jack’s operation.

4. Environmental factors: Take into account the operating conditions, including temperature, humidity, and exposure to chemicals or other corrosive substances.

5. Safety features: Consider additional safety features such as limit switches, overload protection, and emergency stop mechanisms.

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Why choose HZPT for screw jack solutions?

1. Extensive product range: HZPT offers a wide range of screw jack products, including micro gear motors, brake speed motors, torque motors, DC motors, and various types of gear reducers.

2. Technological innovation: HZPT is committed to leading technological innovation in the industry, ensuring that our products are at the forefront of performance and efficiency.

3. Excellent quality: We prioritize excellence in quality, ensuring that our screw jacks are manufactured to the highest standards and undergo rigorous testing processes.

4. Diverse applications: Our screw jack solutions are suitable for various industrial applications, including transportation machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, and more.

5. Customer-centric approach: HZPT values customer satisfaction and strives to provide personalized solutions, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client.

With our expertise in manufacturing and selling screw jacks, we are confident in meeting your lifting and positioning needs. Contact us now to discuss your specific requirements and benefit from our reliable and high-quality screw jack solutions.


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