RRS Form Radially Removable Spacer Couplings,C Form Couplings

RRS and RRSC Type Radially Removable Spacer Couplings
RRS Sort couplings assortment from sizes RRS090 to RRS225. The RRS Sort
coupling consists of:
RRS090 – RRS110:
two Standard RRS Hubs
one Spacer Assembly consisting of:
two snap wrap spiders w/o ring
2 collars with screws
1 spacer
RRS150 – RRS225:
one Regular RRS Hub
1 Common RRSC Hub – Drilled for collar
one Spacer Assembly consisting of:
2 snap wrap spiders w/o ring
2 collars with screws
one spacer
RRS Style Inch Hubs offered typical with two set screws at 90°.
Normal API based mostly spacers obtainable
Radially removable inserts
Conventional Lovejoy hub style with more set screw at 90°

C Sort Couplings
The C Style coupling consists of two conventional hubs, one particular cushion set and collar with hardware.
Higher torque and bore capability compared to the L-Line series jaw coupling
Elastomeric cushions are radially removable
Cushions obtainable in SXB rubber and Hytrel


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