Linear Actuators

LA152L, LA152C, LA155L, LA155P

EP linear actuators are designed to lift and precisely position loads up to 1500 pounds. They are built with cast aluminum housings, include motors (120VAC and 12 VDC), and are best suited for use in environments that are protected from the elements. A spring brake ensures that the actuators hold position when power is off. The maximum speed, which varies with load, is about 50 inches per minute (LA155).

  • Double clevis or trunnion mount
  • Threaded end condition available
  • Travel lengths 3”, 6”, 12”, 18”, 24”
  • Maximum travel speed with 1500-pound load, 50” per minute

Product Specifications:

Parts list and exploded views are included in the O&M Manual. Serial numbers are attached to the product housing.

Additional linear actuator options:

Sample Part Number:

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Model Number

1500- Pound Capacity
LA152 (12VDC) LA155 (115VAC)
LA152 (DC) LA155 (AC)
LA15 with Limit Switch LA15 w Trunnion Mount
L= Limit Switch
LA15 with CLutch
C= Clutch L= Limit Switch or P= Potentiometer and Limit Switch
Screw End
Clevis End Threaded End
CL= Clevis End TE= Threaded End
Mounting Style  
LA152 (DC) LA155 (AC)
Standard Clevis with Trunnion Mount
SC= Standard Clevis TM= Trunnion Mount
Rise Code
3" 03
6" 06
12" 12
18" 18
24" 24