Bevel Ball Actuators

EP Bevel Ball Actuators (BB), available in 7.5-ton to 100-ton static capacities, are designed for near-continuous duty operation. These are EP’s fastest jacks, able to attain travel speeds of 48.6 feet per minute. Available in Translating and KFTN designs, bevel ball actuators act as miter boxes, making them an ideal choice for multi-jack systems. As many as three output shafts may be specified for mounting motors, limit switches, readout devices and other accessories.

  • Higher speeds and less heat generation than other mechanical actuators
  • Require a brake or other external locking device to hold position
  • More precise positioning and repeatability than hydraulic cylinders
  • Fully predictable J-10 ball nut life expectancy
  • Right hand screws standard (left hand screw available)
  • Threaded end conditions standard (load pad, clevis, and plain end condition available)
  • Protective boots and other options are available
  • Custom finishes available

EP Bevel Ball Actuators (BB) come in four capacities:

Parts list and exploded view are included in the O&M Manual. Serial numbers are attched to the product housing.

Ball Screw Options

  • Right hand thread standard
  • Left hand thread available on many models
  • Special pitch/lead available
  • Special finishes available
  • Special machining options


  • Standard 200 or 1024 PPR
  • Quadrature wave form
  • Stainless steel encoder
  • Absolute encoder
  • Encoders


  • Enamel finish (standard)
  • Epoxy finish
  • STEEL IT® epoxy
  • Outdoor paint process
  • Custom finishes available
  • Anodized (250-lb to 1-ton)
  • Nickel, Xylan®, Armoloy®
  •  Finishes



Limit Switches

  • Rotary cam (2-4 switches)
  • SPDT standard
  • DPDT available
  • Explosion proof available
  • Limit Switches


  • Standard grease temperature range (40°F to 220°F)
  • Low temperature option
  • High temperature option
  • Food grade option

Oversized Ball Bearings

  • Available for ball screw jacks
  • Limits screw backlash to 0.003"

Protective Boots

  • Protection from dirt and dust
  • Guard against moisture
  • Guard against corrosive contaminants
  • Neoprene coated nylon (std)
  • Special materials available
  • Boot Material Chart
  • Protective Boots

Screw Stops

  • Standard on ComDRIVEs
  • Adjustable
  • Bolt- on

Sample Part Number:

Click on the part number to reveal additional informaton about actuator designs and shaft codes.

EP Bevel Ball Actuators

Actuator Configuration

Actuator Configuration
Upright Bevel Ball Actuator configuration Inverted Bevel Ball actuator conversion
U= Upright I= Inverted

End Conditions

End Conditions
T1 T2 T3 T4
1 = T1 (plain end) 2= T2 (load pad) 3= T3 (threaded end) 4= T4 (male clevis)

Actuator Design

Actuator Design
Bevel Ball Translating Actuator Example Keyed for Non Rotation is not a standard Option Bevel Ball Actuator- Traveling nut example
S= Translating Keyed for Non Rotation is not a standard option N= Travelling Nut

Bevel Ball Actuator Rise

Bevel Ball Actuator Rise
Rise is travel expressed in inches and not the actual screw length
Shaft Codes
Three shaft codes must be specified for each jack. Electronic and mechanical limit switches may be substituted for the shaft code per the tables on this page.
STDX- Standard
XXXX- Input shaft no required
When ordering with only one input shaft, it is recommended to order the following configuration: XXXX-STDX-XXXX
Additional Options
X= Standard Actuators, no additional options
X= Additional Specification Required (comment as necessary)
Protective Boots
B= Protective Boot
D= Dual Protective Boot
F1= Do Not Paint
F2= Epoxy Paint
F3= Outdoor Paint processes
Ball Screw
L= Left hand Screw
Screw Stops
Extending stops standard (specify as many options as needed)
ModelDynamic CapacityUpright Assembly: Screw-in tensionUpright Assembly: Screw-in compressionScrew Dia./LeadBevel Gear RatioPinion Turns for 1" TravelPinion Torque (Raising)Pinion Torque (Holding)Screw TorqueActuator EfficiencyBase Weight (Lbs.)Add for Each Inch of Travel (Lbs.)
BB150 Please use JAX® V2 software or contact Ever-Power 15,000 lbs. 15,000 lbs. 1.50/.25 2.69:1 10.77 .022W* .018W* .044W* 72.2% 52 0.7
BB225 30,000 lbs. 30,000 lbs. 2.25/.50 2.15:1 4.31 .054W* .044W* 089W* 200 2.6
BB300 42,500 lbs. 70,000 lbs. 3.75/.66 3.52:1 5.34 .044W* .035W* .117W* 360 3.2
BB400 200,000 lbs. 200,000 lbs. 4.00/1.00 3:1 3.00 .078W* .063W* .117W* 740 4.8
 Inverted Assembly: Screw-in tensionInverted Assembly: Screw-in compression 
BB150 Please use JAX® V2 software or contact Ever-Power 15,000 lbs. 15,000 lbs. 1.50/.25 2.69:1 10.77 .022W* .018W* .044W* 72.2% 52 0.7
BB225 30,000 lbs. 30,000 lbs. 2.25/.50 2.15:1 4.31 .054W* .044W* 089W* 200 2.6
BB300 70,000 lbs. 42,500 lbs. 3.75/.66 3.52:1 5.34 .044W* .035W* .117W* 360 3.2
BB400 200,000 lbs. 200,000 lbs. 4.50/1.00 3:1 3.00 .078W* .063W* .117W* 740 4.8


Important Note: Bevel Ball Actuators are not self-locking. Brake motors or external locking systems are required.
*W: Load in Pounds.
Pinion Torque (raising): The torque required to continuously raise a given load.
Pinion Torque (holding): The torque required to hold a given static load in position.
Screw Torque: The torque required to resist screw rotation (translating design) and traveling nut rotation (KFTN design).
Lead: The distance traveled axially in one rotation of the lifting screw.
Pitch: The distance from a point on the screw thread to a corresponding point on the next thread, measured axially.