fluid coupling

fluid coupling
Fluid couplings
Obtaining a highly effective and reliable travel system raises generation and provides peace of mind. No matter whether you need fluid couplings or a custom-made push bundle, Voith is your spouse of option. We help you in gently accelerating your driven machine, owing to the hydrodynamic principle, therefore extending the existence time of your program. At the identical time, torque is limited, load sharing is facilitated and torsional vibrations are dampened. The coupling safeguards the drive technique from injury even beneath excessive running situations, minimizing downtime and ensuring a steady creation procedure.

Moreover, our generate options are reputable and exclusively tailor-made to every drive system – from personal couplings to full push line solutions. The transmittable power ranges from 300 W up to 6 MW.
fluid coupling
The hydrodynamic principle
Hydrodynamic couplings transmit mechanical electricity from the motor to the pushed machine by way of a stream of fluid. This occurs from two bladed wheels being positioned face to face. The principal wheel (crimson) is related with the motor and functions like a rotary pump, whilst the secondary wheel (blue) is connected to the pushed machine and acts like a turbine. Electricity transmission is proportional to the fill level in the operating circuit. As a result of the mechanical separation of the drive and pushed sides, the hydrodynamic coupling transfers the electricity put on-free of charge and dampens the torsional vibration and torque shocks in the travel chain simultaneously.
fluid coupling
Electrical power Variety
Fastened speed: up to 1850 KW
Variable pace: up to 11000 KW

Speed Selection
Set pace: 720 RPM – 3600 RPM
Variable velocity: 490 RPM – 3600 RPM

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