bevel gear operated screw jack

Bevel Gear Operated Screw Jack

Bevel Gear Operated Screw Jack

A bevel gear operated screw jack is a mechanical device used to lift heavy loads. It consists of a gearbox, lead screw, and a lifting system that can be powered by either manual or motorized means. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of screw jacks, including their uses, working principle, differences with hydraulic jacks, and how to choose or customize a suitable screw jack for your needs.

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What is a screw jack used for?

  • Lifting heavy loads in various industrial settings.
  • Adjusting the level of machinery and equipment.
  • Supporting and stabilizing structures such as bridges and buildings.
  • Acting as a safety device to prevent equipment from collapsing.
  • Maintaining and repairing machinery and equipment.

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What is the working principle of screw jack?

The working principle of a screw jack is based on the fundamental law of mechanics known as the “Law of the Screw.” The lead screw is rotated, which in turn moves the load-bearing nut along the screw, causing the load to be lifted or lowered. The amount of force required to lift the load is determined by the pitch of the screw and the distance traveled by the load-bearing nut.

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What is the difference between a screw jack and a hydraulic jack?

Although both screw jacks and hydraulic jacks are used for lifting heavy loads, they differ in their working principle and properties. Screw jacks are mechanical devices that use a lead screw and a load-bearing nut to lift loads, while hydraulic jacks use pressurized fluids to exert force on a piston attached to a lifting arm. Screw jacks are slower but more precise and can lift heavier loads, while hydraulic jacks are faster but less precise and suitable for lighter loads.

How to choose or customize a suitable screw jack?

  • Load Capacity: The first and most important consideration is the maximum load that the screw jack must lift. The load capacity should be chosen based on the heaviest load that will be lifted.
  • Lifting Height: The lifting height is the distance that the load must be raised. The screw jack should be chosen based on the required lifting height.
  • Screw Pitch: The screw pitch determines the amount of force required to lift the load. For heavy loads, a finer pitch is required.
  • Operating Speed: The operating speed of the screw jack is determined by the lead screw pitch and the rotational speed of the input shaft. For faster operation, a coarser pitch or a motorized drive may be required.
  • Environment: The environment in which the screw jack will be used should be considered. For harsh environments, such as high temperatures or corrosive atmospheres, special materials or coatings may be required.

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