antique railroad screw jack

Antique Railroad Screw Jack

Antique Railroad Screw Jack

screw jack

What is a screw jack used for?

  • Lifting heavy loads
  • Adjusting the height of equipment and machinery
  • Stabilizing structures such as bridges and buildings
  • Leveling surfaces such as floors and platforms
  • Applying pressure or force in industrial processes

screw jack

What is the working principle of screw jack?

  • Screw jacks work by converting rotational motion into linear motion.
  • This is accomplished by turning a worm gear, which then rotates a threaded rod.
  • The threaded rod moves a lifting nut up or down, depending on the direction of rotation.
  • This action causes the load to be raised or lowered.

screw jack

What is the difference between a screw jack and a hydraulic jack?

  • Screw jacks use a mechanical screw and nut to lift loads, while hydraulic jacks use pressurized fluid.
  • Screw jacks are slower but more precise, while hydraulic jacks are faster and more powerful.
  • Screw jacks are better suited for applications where precise positioning is required, while hydraulic jacks are better for heavy lifting tasks.

How to choose or customize a suitable screw jack?

  • Capacity: Consider the weight of the load that needs to be lifted.
  • Speed: Determine how quickly the screw jack needs to lift the load.
  • Stroke: Calculate the distance the load needs to be lifted.
  • Environment: Consider the conditions in which the screw jack will be used, such as temperature and humidity.
  • Mounting: Decide how the screw jack will be mounted and whether any additional mounting hardware is required.

screw jack

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  • Spiral bevel gear worm gear reducers
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  • Worm gear screw lifts
  • Rigid-toothed gear reducers
  • Planetary gear reducers

Our products are widely used in various industrial production lines, such as transportation machinery, food machinery, medical machinery, printing machinery, textile machinery, packaging machinery, office equipment, and instruments and meters, making them the preferred supporting products for automation equipment.

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