8 screw jack

8 Screw Jack

8 Screw Jack

screw jack

What is a screw jack used for?

  • Lifting heavy loads vertically
  • Adjusting height and position of machinery
  • Stabilizing structures
  • Creating motion or power in machinery
  • Applying force to objects

screw jack

What is the working principle of screw jack?

  • Rotary motion is converted into linear motion
  • The screw shaft rotates, causing the screw jack’s lifting nut to move up or down along the screw shaft
  • The lifting nut is connected to the load, which moves with it
  • As the screw shaft rotates, it moves the load up or down, depending on the direction of rotation
  • The principle is based on the relationship between force, torque, and linear motion

screw jack

What is the difference between a screw jack and a hydraulic jack?

  • Screw jacks use mechanical force to lift loads, while hydraulic jacks use fluid pressure
  • Screw jacks are more precise in their lifting and positioning, while hydraulic jacks can have greater lifting capacity
  • Screw jacks are quieter and require less maintenance than hydraulic jacks
  • Screw jacks are more environmentally friendly as they do not require any hydraulic fluid
  • Screw jacks can be used in a wider range of temperatures compared to hydraulic jacks

screw jack

How to choose or customize a suitable screw jack?

  • Load capacity – the maximum load the screw jack will need to support
  • Lift height – the distance the load needs to be lifted, also known as stroke length
  • Speed – the rate at which the load needs to be lifted, which will determine the screw jack’s gear ratio
  • Operating environment – the temperature, humidity, and other conditions the screw jack will be exposed to, which will determine the materials and coating needed
  • Mounting options – the screw jack’s mounting position and method, which will determine the screw jack’s orientation and support structure

As a leading manufacturer of industrial motors, gearboxes, and drives, HZPT is committed to providing high-quality screw jacks for all your lifting and positioning needs. Our screw jacks are designed and manufactured with precision and durability, ensuring a long and reliable service life. Here are some of the advantages of our screw jacks and our company:

  • Customizable – we offer a variety of screw jack models and can customize them to your specific requirements
  • High load capacity – our screw jacks can handle loads up to 100 tons
  • Precision positioning – our screw jacks have high accuracy and repeatability, ensuring precise positioning every time
  • Easy to install and maintain – our screw jacks are designed for easy installation and require minimal maintenance
  • Expert support – our team of experienced engineers and technicians can provide technical support and assistance with your screw jack needs

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