July 2, 2020

rotary cutter gearbox

Be aware:
If you are swift, you may observe that some gearboxes display up in more than a single “Horsepower Ranking”. We did our greatest to set things where people may well count on to locate them. Some gearboxes did not suit into ONLY 1 category. Now you know why.

The simplest way to locate your assembly variety is to very carefully (go through: delicately) eliminate the manufacturer’s paint from the ID tag on your gearbox and read the stamping off of the tag. If you can not find the tag or if it blew away in previous year’s storm, give us a call or use the fall-down menus to “develop-out” your gearbox on our website.

The ideal way to locate your actual Omni Gear replacement gearbox is to use the six-digit assembly number stamped on each Omni Equipment gearbox.
These codes almost often begin with “25” adopted by 4 a lot more digits. For instance: the most widespread five-6 foot cutter gearbox is the 250001.
This code phone calls out shafts, ratios, gear type… everything.

How do we know? Easy. They use the exact same gearbox assembly quantity.